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I got my first camera when I was about 10 from my grandfather.  It was a Zeiss Ikon in a really cool brown leather case.  I can still remember the clicks it made as I advanced the film and pushed the shutter.  It was a sound unlike any other.


I grew up in rural Ohio and nature photography became my passion.  As a kid – my imagination set up many scenarios that I was able see through the lens much better.  I set up a darkroom in the basement that was inside a wood frame cloaked with pieces of old blankets.  I made sure the lights were off when I was opening the film canisters but it wasn’t always perfect.  Even when light leaked, the damaged film created some very pleasing results. Even mistakes can be wonderful.


I learned how to process photos that were all black and white.  Sometimes I used color negatives in the enlarger and the pictures were soft and full of luster.  Warmer or colder developing solutions created very interesting contrasts.


I usually had my camera with me.  I’ve always had a feeling that the one shot of a lifetime would come to me if I didn’t have my camera.  I’ve found now that my eye is always searching the light and shapes for that one perfect shot.  My early passion and eye training has served me well.


I got my first Canon – an AE1 – in about 1978.  I had a 100mm – 300mm macro/zoom and a 28mm “wide angle” lens that I had an absolute blast with.  I usually had the camera with me all the time and sometimes I think it drove the people I was with a little bit crazy.


I am also a musician and I started to get into recording – starting of course with reel to reel and then cassettes.  I found myself not wanting to miss getting a record of whatever I was doing – whether it be light or sound.  When mini-disks and then digital recording came along, digital photography wasn’t too far behind.


The ability to experiment is so much easier with digital photography.  From histograms to immediate feedback...i can tweek my settings to create my images.


While nature photography is still a passion, I find that every subject offers me the opportunity to see the light as only I can.  Every shot is different – even from second to second.  That is why I find photography so addicting. 


I have been a Canon® shooter since I got my AE1™.  Now I shoot with a 5D MarkIV and a 5DRS.  I always shoot in RAW + JPEG.  The more information the better….


I hope that you enjoy my work.  If you ever have any questions or just want to talk, please reach out to me.


Best wishes,


Kevin Callahan