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Nature.  Landscape. Architectural. Cityscape.  What do all these photographic styles have in common?  That's right. People usually aren't involved.


You generally have more time to set up the shot (unless your shooting wildlife, then things can change in a heartbeat). The only emotions you have to deal with are your own (which can be a challenge when I think about it!!). And the outcome is a bit more predictable.


But what is missing here?  The human connection!! Sometimes I think I always have my camera with me because it is something to hide behind. Oh, it's the guy with the camera! I can stay in my own world - if I so wish.


But that is not what I am here for. I don't think that is why I was put on this planet.


I went to a photography convention a few months ago - my first - for the express purpose of putting myself out there and getting involved with people.  This included taking as many lighting classes as I could - specifically off camera flash (OCF).  Working with other photographers to see how they interacted with the models (people) and set up their lights was a fascinating and worthwhile exercise.


A lot of the barriers I had put in my way were removed. My camera isn't something I should use to shield me, but rather a way to experience the human condition. We all have a story - no two are ever really alike. And I have the opportunity to tell that story through my eyes. And that is what makes the challenge worth the effort.